About Us

Krsala is known for its one of a kind, heritage jewellery revival and its exquisite designs.

Our Forte

At Krsala, we think of jewellery making more as a form of art, and not just a business.

Bespoke Jewellery

At Krsala, we like to go the extra mile for our customers, to give them unique designs that will be passed down for generations.

Design Gallery

We invite you to glimpse a few of our creations.

Press & Features

Krsala constantly involves itself in events promoting the art of jewellery making nationwide.

Contact Us

We are always at your service, and your satisfaction is our reward.

Custom-Made Jewellery

Krsala offers you the opportunity to design your own jewellery for your special day. You can choose the design, the pattern and the kind of stones, which can be encrusted onto the jewellery. This also gives you a lot more control over the final price, which means, we can provide you with breathtakingly stunning jewellery at far more reasonable prices. Two words that rarely go hand in hand, but are an everyday reality at Krsala.

At Krsala, we hope to make your jewellery buying experience as pleasurable as can be. We hope that engaging you in the creative process and giving you direct control over the financial details, enhances your whole jewellery buying experience.

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