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Krsala is known for its one of a kind, heritage jewellery revival and its exquisite designs.

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At Krsala, we think of jewellery making more as a form of art, and not just a business.

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At Krsala, we like to go the extra mile for our customers, to give them unique designs that will be passed down for generations.

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We invite you to glimpse a few of our creations.

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Krsala constantly involves itself in events promoting the art of jewellery making nationwide.

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We are always at your service, and your satisfaction is our reward.

Bunty Bajaj

Images of crystal billiard tables, trunks overflowing with patkas, chaugoshias and kanjeevaram saris waft Bunty Bajaj’s memories of childhood visits to abandoned palaces with her father, an avid antique collector. Breath taking invaluable paizebs, basra and ruby embellished khada dupattas and sarees, silk turbans crowned with emeralds the size of pigeon eggs, countless karamphools, chandbalis and bazubands poured out of vaults, as she scoured the ‘taikahanas’ at her friends’ the Paigah’s palace.

Her trips with her father to Rajasthan connected her to her origins. Royalty existed here too, perhaps more alive than where she lived, in the Bhavans’ awe inspiring architecture and jadau.

Honesty, passion, innovation and creativity are four words that describe Bunty Bajaj as an entrepreneur, a designer and a human being. It’s the amalgamation of these qualities that she possesses and her romantic history with two places rich in royal heritage that resulted in Krsala.

Heritage for Bunty Bajaj is in reliving her memory. Krsala Jewellery is her synthesis.

In the past twenty years Bunty Bajaj has managed to make Bunty Bajaj Creations a nationally recognized organization and has been listed in Business Today as amongst the top five event managers of the country. She went on to become the top most wedding planner in the twin cities and still receives accolades for her past work. Because of a combination of gifted creative abilities, a reminiscent past and top class business acumen, she is well poised to carve a very special place in the world of royal adornments.

Heritage for Bunty Bajaj is in reliving her memory. Krsala Jewellery is her synthesis.

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