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Krsala is known for its one of a kind, heritage jewellery revival and its exquisite designs.

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At Krsala, we like to go the extra mile for our customers, to give them unique designs that will be passed down for generations.

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Couture Wedding Collection press release



Legend has it that this city was founded on love. The young Muslim prince Quli’s encounter with village belle, the dark eyed Bhagmati  and his gift to her of the city Bhagyanagar, now Hyderabad, is recorded in the annals as history. Legend also has it, that Abdulla Qutb Shah’s patronage of the singer Taramati was such that he ensured the acoustics of his fort Golconda would capture her melifluous voice that flowed on the breeze, to him. This was a time when the north and south merged in this city, and the royal Nizams came together with the rural Hindus to birth a world where jasmine garlands, crystal chandeliers, mullahs in mosques, festivities in  temples became tradition. One that was based on grace and courtesy. And  so, this city of love drew others to it. They came from Rajasthan, Persia, Gujarat or Iran. And relived the city’s synthesis. Her essence cannot be found in faded images, it can be revisited in the places where the legends lived. Or in the expression of a child of this synthesis.

Krsala Jewellery takes Bunty Bajaj’s tryst with the romantic past to a new source. Established three years ago, Bunty Bajaj’s passion for the finest luxurious diamonds, jadau and gemstones and her unique expression of creating custom jewellery, earned Krsala Jewellery accolades for its exquisite designs. Bunty Bajaj’s intricate knowledge and technical expertise deftly bring uncut diamonds, cut diamonds, Burmese rubies and emerald, in a spectacular display of one of a kind ornaments.

Krsala Jewellery presents its Couture Wedding Collection – Summer 2010 this season, and launches a new, unparalleled range of diamond and jadau jewellery. Constantly striving to bring a new vision, Bunty Bajaj introduces new dimensions to traditional jewellery. Her Couture Wedding Collection – Summer 2010 sees a marriage of rose cut diamonds with leather ; jadau and diamonds, both together, and in combination with meenakari and enamel work; and the introduction of gemstones like coral into couture jewellery. The stunning range of neckpieces, bracelets, ear rings could be a bride’s fantasy or a part of a collector’s compilation.

Bunty Bajaj’s Krsala Couture custom jewellery has collaborated with some of fashion’s best designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Varun Bahl and Anand Kabra. Whether in creating high end customised couture or cocktail resort jewellery, Bunty Bajaj’s forte in interpreting and creating, to match another’s vision is the key strength behind Krsala Jewellery. Her collaboration with Neelam Shah of ‘Sapphire’, this season, sees the launch of the Krsala Couture Wedding Collection – Summer 2010.






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