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Krsala is known for its one of a kind, heritage jewellery revival and its exquisite designs.

Our Forte

At Krsala, we think of jewellery making more as a form of art, and not just a business.

Bespoke Jewellery

At Krsala, we like to go the extra mile for our customers, to give them unique designs that will be passed down for generations.

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We invite you to glimpse a few of our creations.

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Krsala constantly involves itself in events promoting the art of jewellery making nationwide.

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We are always at your service, and your satisfaction is our reward.

Our Forte

Jewellery to us is not only a business. It is a form of art and centuries of tradition passed down to us by our ancestors. We realize the responsibility that lies on our shoulders and work extra hard every day to hone our skills and live up to the expectations that our forefathers would’ve had from us.

At Krsala we focus on three things – our quality, our creativity and our customers.

At Krsala we focus on three things - our quality, our creativity and our customers.


We refuse to compromise on the quality of diamonds and other gemstones that we use in our jewellery. We have a team of experts sourcing diamonds and gemstones from all over the world. Our experts ensure that every stone used in our jewellery is of topnotch colour, clarity and cut.

They also ensure that we obtain these stones at the most reasonable prices available in the market, which enables us to provide you with high quality goods at fiercely competitive prices. To further our customers’ trust in the quality of our products we get every piece of diamond, small or big, certified by EGL and provide this certificate to our customers along with the jewellery that they purchase

Our experts ensure that every stone used in our jewellery is of topnotch colour, clarity, and cut.


Every piece of jewellery at Krsala is a reflection of Bunty Bajaj’s artistry. She personally designs every single piece and believes that every design created by her is a tiny part of her soul that has taken shape in the form of gold, diamonds and other gemstones.

Bunty Bajaj has always had a flair for design and her expertise lies in fusing the old with the new. She is a firm believer in constant innovation, and her interests don’t end with just selling jewellery. Her main aim is to provide her clients with a piece of their heritage. She strives to create pieces that will be passed down proudly from generation to generation and be a part of that family’s celebrations for centuries to come. At Krsala, every piece of jewellery you purchase is one-of-a-kind and we guarantee you that no one else will ever possess the same design that we crafted especially for you.

To me, designing jewellery is merely a form of giving shape to my beautiful childhood memories and all those trips to royal places that I took with my father.

Bunty Bajaj


There is an old Indian saying that we strongly believe in – “Athiti devo bhava”, which means guests are like God. At Krsala we don’t consider our customers as clients. We think of them more as guests visiting our home and in India guests are equivalent to God.

Our aim is to make their jewellery buying experience as pleasurable and memorable as can be. To ensure we fulfill the task at hand we provide our guests with perks that enhance their faith in us.

All our jewellery is certified by institutions with impeccable reputations, which ensures the elimination of any stress and instills immediate faith in the piece that they are buying. They do not have to go to other places to get the quality of the goods checked, because we have already done that procedure for them.

For us, fulfilling our clients’ needs is our duty and their satisfaction is our reward.

We give our customers the option to customize their own jewellery, which ensures that they have involvement and control over the designing and final price of the product they wish to purchase.

We also give them the option to design an emblem for their family if they don’t already have one and then inscribe this emblem anywhere they wish to have it on their jewellery. This way their family name will be recognized through the centuries and their legacy will always move forward.

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