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Krsala is known for its one of a kind, heritage jewellery revival and its exquisite designs.

Our Forte

At Krsala, we think of jewellery making more as a form of art, and not just a business.

Bespoke Jewellery

At Krsala, we like to go the extra mile for our customers, to give them unique designs that will be passed down for generations.

Design Gallery

We invite you to glimpse a few of our creations.

Press & Features

Krsala constantly involves itself in events promoting the art of jewellery making nationwide.

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We are always at your service, and your satisfaction is our reward.

The Divine and Mauktika Collection launch press releases

Krsala is the ultimate destination for dazzling designer Diamond and Jadau jewellery. Inimitable in style, innovative in concept and impeccable in craftsmanship; every piece is one-of-its-kind, with no replicas.  Clients can design their own pieces, choose the stones the like and customize the entire jewelry designing experience.


Bunty Bajaj Creations, which was established in 1993, 14 years ago, is headed by the extremely creative Bunty Bajaj, who has always had a flair for art.


Krsala currently retails through two exclusive stores in Hyderabad and Pune.


Krsala’s products are an eclectic mix of elaborate and exquisite Diamond jewellery and intricate Jadau designs, all set in brilliant uncut diamonds, encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, tourmalines and south sea pearls, to create fine jewellery that adorned Kings and Queens from the Royal Indian era of yore, radiating beauty and exuding elegance, with every piece leaving a lasting impression in your mind. The resplendent collection of jewellery displayed at Krsala upholds the tradition of meticulous workmanship, uncompromising style and implicit trust envisioned by its founder Bunty Bajaj. This season Krsala launches The “Divine” and “Mauktika” collection features Jadau jewellery while “Prisitne Passion” features Diamond jewellery.


Her delightful and dramatic pieces are perfect fits in any bridal trousseau; infused with tradition while keeping contemporary trends in mind.  A perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary designs, every bit of jewellery at Krsala is carefully crafted to perfection with a finish that is unmatched by any other jeweller in the country. Krsala is a celebration of the prism-like qualities of life, emotion and colour. Upholding the beauty of traditional Indian jewellery and its timelessness, the dazzling collection of masterpieces at Krsala offers you the choice of diverse moods to express yourself, be it the ensemble for an aficionado’s wardrobe or a bride’s trousseau.


Thus was born KRSALA – the store with a difference.  With both Bunty lending her considerable expertise to make it a store to reckon with, Krsala is poised for big things.



KRSALA by Bunty Bajaj in Pune, a unique boutique store that houses one-of-a-kind jewellery in Diamonds, Jadau and Gold.


Krsala will launch in Pune with an evening of glitz n glamour!  An enchanting fashion show choreographed  by Achala Sachdev  with Mumbai’s top models and clothes designed by Anand Kabra  and celebrations with champagne and fondue, shall follow.

Vidya Balan will be the guest of honour, while others included in the guest list are Poonam Dhillon , GVK Pinky Reddy and Poonam Mahajan Rao to name a few.




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